10.13.12 For Clattering Loom’s premiere performance at the Litquake Literary festival, the curators chose the German word Torchlusspanik, which translates literally as “gate closing panic”, but is meant to describe the sense of diminishing opportunities available to individuals as they age. Red Poppy Arthouse generously yielded their space to a packed house of attentive audience members.

Featured Performers:

Sloane Martin is a Libra and an editor of the online magazine Bright Dumb Things. She likes grammar fights and unusual verbiage.
Maura Cronin is former editor-in-chief of The Virginia Literary Review and recipient of the Emily Balch Poetry Prize. Maura currently studies classical violin in France and San Francisco.
Doug Cordellis an Emmy-nominated television writer, essayist, and radio storyteller on NPR’s Snap Judgment and APM’s Marketplace. @DougCordell.
Jesus Angel Garcia  is the author of badbadbad (a transmedia novel) and the six-string slinger in Three Times Bad (a “dirty American roots” trio).badbadbad.net
D.A. Powell s most recent book is Useless Landscape or A Guide for Boys. A two-time finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award in Poetry, Powell has taught at Harvard, Columbia, University of Iowa’s Iowa Writers’ Workshop and Davidson College.


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