2.20.11 The first of the seasonal Clattering Loom readings debuted last week in the woodsy basement of Viracocha.

The theme of the evening was the Japanese phrase Mono No Aware, which can be defined loosely as a nostalgia and yearning inspired by the ephemeral nature of things.

Tyson Vogel of Devotionals, the featured musical performance of the evening,  read a piece by Joanna Lioce, who could not be in attendance:

Michael Warren Grant, musician and co-founder of Synergyzine, performed a series of raw and recent poems:

Nicole De Ayora zine publisher and culture-maker extraordinaire, read recently unperformed work:

As Ms. Chavez noted in her introduction, some of the poems performed on Sunday night had not fully coalesced until only hours before the event, but in typical fashion they were presented with the incisive wit and soulful charm that is characteristic of her work:

For those of us in the know, we can never really get enough Charlie Getter:

Before I sign off, I wanted to say a little bit about The Devotionals. The band recently re-arranged their sound, and this performance was my first contact with the new orchestration. I remember almost two years ago seeing Tyson perform to a loud and distracted audience at a bar in the outer richmond; just him and a violinist. Now these same compositions have expanded to include cello, percussion, vibes, the vocals of Emily Ritz of Honeycomb, and on. Their sound is at once cinematic in scope and punctuated with deep and particular emotion. I couldn’t have dreamed up a better musical accompaniment for the evening.

Thanks to Litseen for documenting the event.


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